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What To Eat After Hair Transplant

Most people think that eligibility is the only thing that should be taken into consideration when it comes to getting a hair transplant. However, how you spend your recovery generally affect the fate of your hair transplant job. For example, you should even know what to eat after hair transplant to get a faster and better recovery. There are many hair transplant candidates that do not take the best care of their scalp after their procedures. A hair transplant patient should stay at home, avoid sunlight, and consume healthy food during his recovery.

Before you know what to eat after a hair transplant, you should know what to drink first. Water is the best friend of a wounded tissue including your scalp. You need to consume lots of water every day to increase the speed of your hair transplant recovery. Water the most important thing that a wounded tissue needs and is required for tissue reconstruction.

However, you need to support your water consumption with a decreased use of alcohol. It is a fact that alcohol increases dehydration in your body which is probably not a thing you would want during your recovery. You can consume any type of fresh fruit and juices. The doctor does not put any limits on the consumption of grains, fruits, and vegetables because they are all needed for your scalp’s recovery and the microchannel reconstruction.

You need to stay away from unhealthy foods. Unhealthy foods generally refer to those that are too fatty and sugary. You would not want your scalp to produce much scalp oil than usual. It is true that scalp oil is important for your hair follicles, however, pushing it to produce too much oil because of the amount of fat you consume is not a wise thing.

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