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What is the FUT—Follicular Unit Transplantation?

What is the FUT—Follicular Unit Transplantation?

Hair transplant procedures are widely regarded as viable therapy for hair loss. As a result, people who are experiencing hair loss are curious about hair transplant surgery options and want to know which one is ideal for them. FUT, FUE, and DHI are the three most used procedures for hair transplant surgery. This post will teach you everything you need to know about the FUT method.

What Is Follicular Unit Transplantation?

Hair transplantation can currently be done in several different ways. The first of these procedures is Follicular Unit Transplantation. You can achieve natural-looking outcomes with this method. FUT is one of the most common hair transplant procedures. Follicular Unit Transplantation is a type of hair transplantation that is typically performed by surgeons who make an incision in the back of your head and retrieve the hair follicles. It divides these hair follicles into hair cells one by one and transplants the retrieved follicles into the bald area.

In fact, with only slight variations, the majority of hair transplant procedures are performed using similar approaches. For example, in the FUE treatment, surgeons extract each hair follicle manually, whereas, in the DHI approach, doctors use pen-like equipment to put the excised hair follicles.

Advantages of FUT Method

  • FUT method is good for patients who need a huge amount of grafts
  • Patients can cover their scar in the donor area with existing hair. So, there is no need to shave the whole head.
  • Scar can occurs after the FUT procedure. Stitch marks may remain in the donor area.
  • FUT is usually cheaper when we compare it with the FUE.

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