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Robotic DHI Hair Transplantation

Robotic DHI hair transplantation is one of the new hair transplant techniques that offer minimum pain and maximum results. As the name suggests, this operation is carried out by robots and does not require any human intervention. In other words, this is a no-touch hair restoration technique.

Since the algorithms carry out the operation, you do not have to worry about any human mistakes during the operation. This offers a quicker operation with maximum efficiency. Thus, more and more patients prefer this operation.

Is Robotic DHI Hair Transplant Better?

It is a fact that robots and computers are getting smarter every year. After eye corrections, these days you can restore your hair with the help of the algorithms. This eliminates risks and injuries.

So, robotic DHI hair transplant is a better alternative compared to the traditional method. One of the other advantages you can enjoy is faster recovery and shorter operation time. If you are planning to get a hair restoration but are unsure about the success of the operation, you can prefer this method with peace.

How Many Hair Grafts Can Be Transplanted with Robotic DHI?

This mainly depends on the donor area but there are no limitations on how many hair grafts can be transplanted with robotic DHI hair transplantation. As you can receive the treatment in one session, your surgeon can also divide it into two or three.

However, we recommend receiving the treatment in a single session to avoid possible complications. Of course, first, you need an examination to learn whether you can get this treatment or not.

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