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Necrosis After DHI

When it comes to looking for some remedy for your hair loss, you will understand that the only successful way to see some real hair on your scalp is a possible hair transplantation procedure. The hair transplantation procedure of today is quite easy to perform and the risk of complications is not so high as it was in the past. Since it’s still a medical procedure, some complications can be inevitable in some situations.

DHI, Direct Hair Implantation is probably the most modern hair transplantation procedure in the world and aims to perform the surgeries without zero problems. However, even a perfect hair transplant procedure like DHI may cause some complications. Some people even suffered from necrosis after DHI, but this is so so rare.

Necrosis occurs when the skin dies. The affected skin areas turn black and the dead skin is not connected to the tissue anymore. It’s like a tattoo on your body. It may seem no big deal to some people but this is completely wrong. When you suffer from a skin necrosis situation on your scalp, this means that the affected areas will not grow a single hair on your scalp again.

If you do not want to suffer from such a terrible complication, you need to follow your surgeon’s after-surgery instructions. You should not touch and scratch your scalp after hair transplantation surgery. You should not also pull your hair because your hair follicles are still trying to settle on your scalp.

Your hands have little germs and microorganisms which may interrupt your wounded scalp tissue. You can’t afford a hair transplant failure because once your hair follicles fall, they’re gone forever. Besides, you would not want to live with that terrible scarring of necrosis on your scalp for the rest of your life.

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