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Is DHI Worth It?

Direct Hair Implantation ( DHI ) is an advanced hair transplantation procedure that can be performed in hair transplant clinics and some hospitals. DHI is considered the best hair transplantation these days thanks to the implanted device which involves the robotic calculations during the procedures. But, is DHI worth it? What makes it so perfect? Why people choose the DHI procedure that much? Let’s take a look.

The direct Hair Implantation procedure is mostly preferred because of its benefits over natural appearance. Those who undergo DHI procedures claim that the procedure is the best natural result giver. Many people can be very hesitant because of possible shock hair loss after direct hair implantation procedures. However, it’s a common thing ( not a complication ) seen after hair transplantation procedures like FUE and DHI.

Direct hair implantation procedures involve the use of high-end equipment. That’s why they can’t be performed in every aesthetic or hair transplantation clinic. Besides, they are quite expensive comparing to others like FUE.

Microchannels that are opened during Direct hair implantation procedures are as small as possible. This is actually the result of the implanter tool. The reason why the microchannels are as small as they can be is associated with hair transplantation recovery.

Smaller and more accurate microchannels mean faster and better recovery. It is a fact that DHI patients recover from hair transplantation wounds faster than those who undergo FUE and FUT. DHI is mostly preferred by those who are okay with the higher prices. Besides, since most hair transplantation candidates are above 30, these people may not have enough time for hair transplantation procedures and their recovery.

The fast return to work thanks to DHI is what makes it a perfect choice for many people. People may afford the expensive prices for DHI abıt may not afford long time-taking recovery periods, after all.

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