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Haircut After Hair Transplant

Today, most people have no other choice but undergo a hair transplant procedure when they suffer from a type of hair loss. For both candidates’ and surgeons’ comfort, the scalp hair is fully shaved before the hair transplant procedures. However, some people may not want to get their hair cut during their hair transplantation procedure. No-shave FUE and DHI procedures can also be performed today. However, some people may want to get a haircut after a hair transplant for understandable reasons.

It is always best to undergo a hair transplant procedure with your fully-shaved scalp. Most hair transplant patients suffer from shock hair loss sometime after their hair transplant procedures. However, not all the patients suffer from this kind of hair loss so they may want to get a hair cut during their recovery. So, when is the right time for a haircut after a hair transplant procedure? Is it dangerous to get a haircut after a hair transplant procedure? Which haircut should I get after the hair transplantation procedure? Let’s take a look.

Your doctor will put limits on your actions like your movements. You should not walk too often during your hair transplant recovery. In addition to this, you should not expose your scalp to water and sunlight. You should not even touch, scratch your hair strands and your scalp, and force-pull them.

If you want to get a haircut, you need to wait for a month at least. Your microchannel wounds should completely heal themselves before getting a haircut. The best time for a haircut is usually the time when your scabs on your donor and recipient areas start falling out. Wait for a little longer to get rid of your scabs completely. Then you can get a haircut, a smooth and soft one tough. It’s still for your own best to be gentle with your scalp, do not let your hairdresser press your scalp with haircut machine too hard.

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