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Hair Wash After Hair Transplantation

Post-hair transplant care is very important if you do not want to lose your new hair. Experts say that most hair transplant failure cases are results of poor post-hair transplant care. Especially hair wash after hair transplantation is the most important thing when it comes to taking care of your hair and scalp. However, you need to know when exactly you should start washing your hair after your hair transplant procedure. Washing your hair before your scalp finishes its healing may result in even more severe complications like skin necrosis.

Surgeons suggest that hair transplant patients should wait for some time for their first hair wash. The reason for such a thing is associated with your hair transplant’s healing process. Some people may go through a slower healing process. Even scabs may occur slower than other people. These people should wait a bit longer to expose their hair to water. It is also best for them to protect themselves from sunlight. A post-hair transplant patient can not afford sweat. You need to watch your body’s and scalp’s temperature. Besides, it’s always best to undergo hair transplant procedures in spring or winter when the sun does not burn people.

How Should I Wash My Hair After Hair Transplantation?

Remember the times you were having a massive hair loss. You were counting your dropping hair strands and even one single hair strand was so important for you. Take this into consideration and be very gentle when you wash your hair.

You should not apply water and your shampoo too much into your scalp. Your scalp is still too sensitive and it’s best for you to let it be itself for some time. You should not pull or grab your while washing. It should be something like a massage. You should give yourself a hair massage with water and shampoo, and do it very slowly.

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