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Hair Transplant After Coronavirus Infection

Health tourism has always been a rising trend among tourists who would like to visit other countries for medical purposes. For example, the hair transplantation industry currently holds one of the biggest shares in health tourism, and the number of people who undergo such procedures in other countries is so high. However, Coronavirus has ruined everything including the tourism circulation across the world. However, people can be impatient when it comes to getting a medical procedure like hair transplantation. They wonder when they can get a hair transplant after Coronavirus infection…

If you want to undergo hair transplant surgery, you will have to wait for the virus to completely leave your body. The virus does not affect scalp or hair follicles. It does not cause hair follicles to fall as well. However, it’s very dangerous to undergo a hair transplant procedure if you’re still under the COVID-19 effect.

When we say it’s not worth the risk not because hair transplantation procedures are not so important or complicated. We can’t be so sure how your body could possibly react to your hair transplantation procedure after Coronavirus infection.

Besides, it is even dangerous to enter hospitals, hair transplant clinics, or aesthetic clinics during the COVID-19 crisis. The virus has been spreading very fast and you can’t risk it by going to such places. Once the normalization acts are carried out by countries where are also the biggest health tourism destinations, the hair transplantation industry is also expected to return to its usual routine.

Coronavirus mostly affects respiratory system and its lethality is generally associated with shortness and difficulty in breath. If you really want to undergo a hair transplant surgery, you will have to wait for a considerably long time after your recovery from COVID-19.

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