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Hair Breakage After Hair Transplant

People may suffer from several problems after hair transplantation procedures. For example, most people complain that they are troubled with redness, itching, swelling, and inflammation problems after their hair transplantation procedures. However, these complications are generally associated with the early recovery of your scalp tissue. Some people say that they now have a good hair density thanks to their hair transplantation surgery but they have a little problem, hair breakage.

Hair breakage after a hair transplant is not a common problem but it does happen, however, it should not be associated with your hair transplantation procedure all the time. There can be several reasons for a massive hair breakage on your hair. However, people really like blaming other people for bad things that happen to them. Hair breakage after the hair transplant can be a result of shock hair loss which is almost inevitable when it comes to speaking of hair transplantation procedures.

Shock hair loss happens during hair transplant recovery and causes the transplanted hair to fall out. However, this is not permanent hair loss and those who experience such a thing mostly recover their losses in a very long time. Shock hair loss may hit hair transplant patients sometimes after the big hit. This will cause partial bald spots and hair breakage. Shock hair loss means that your hair follicles become weak because of your immune system’s attack and need some time to fully recover themselves.

However, a standard hair transplantation procedure requires up to 9 months for recovery. After 9 months of recovery, if you still suffer from massive hair breakage, this means that you should check your hair cleaning products and hair shaper products and instrument. You should avoid using curling irons. Nourishing shampoos and creams can be helpful on making your transplanted hair stay more fresh and alive.

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