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FUE Hair Transplant Safety

Follicular Unit Extraction ( FUE ) is the most common hair transplantation procedure in the world. Even low-end hair transplant clinics can perform FUE procedures if they have skilled surgeons. However, FUE hair transplant safety is not up to hair transplant surgeons all the time. Candidates should always be ready for it and meet certain eligibility requirements for FUE.

Most hair transplant patients who did not get good results from their procedures generally blame their surgeons for it. It is not actually about the hair transplantation world all the time, people never blame themselves for what happened to them.

What should be done before hair transplantation? How an FUE hair transplantation candidate prepares himself for the procedure? Preparation for a hair transplantation procedure is mostly associated with the foods people consume. For example, it is the best thing to consume healthy foods and lots of water every day before your hair transplantation procedure.

Alcohol endangers your FUE hair transplant safety because it increases dehydration in your body. You should avoid consuming alcohol not just before the hair transplantation procedure, but also during your recovery. Your body needs water more than anything before and after your FUE hair transplantation procedure.

A surgically wounded tissue requires water for better and faster recovery. Besides, a hair transplant patient should avoid actions that may make him / her sweat. Your healing scalp is still fragile and needs rest. It is always best for a hair transplant patient to stay at home for the best and fastest healing. Moving your body much will increase the risk of swelling.

Surgeons say that resting at home without moving your body will increase the speed of your recovery and decrease the risk of complications like inflammation, swelling, and pain. Once you see your scabs, this means that you’ve passed the critical healing period.

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