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Exercising After Hair Transplant

Hair transplant surgeries are a definite solution for hair loss. But, post-operative care is very important to get the best result from the hair transplant process. You should take care of your transplanted hair as long as your transplanted hair regrow. There are some points that you should pay attention to. One of them is exercising; when you can start exercise again, and when you can back to your normal exercise routine are the most common questions.

It is normal to shed a hundred hair per day. When you lose more than a hundred hair in a day, you may have a hair loss problem. You should see a doctor as soon as you notice that you lose more hair than normal because early diagnosis is important for hair loss treatment.

After you get a hair transplant surgery you should follow the instructions that will be given by your doctor about aftercare for hair transplant. Post-operative care can affect the results of a hair transplant because planted hairs can be sensitive and fragile. So, they require care to keep them in place and allow your scalp to heal properly.

When you can start exercise?

Heavy exercises can be a potential danger for your newly transplanted hair because heavy exercises may increase your blood pressure, lead to sweating and stretching.

Many experts recommend that you should never exercise three days after hair transplant surgery. Then, you can start some very light exercise after four days of the surgery. After ten days of surgery, you can do some cardio exercise, gym, and weight training. Moreover, you can start heavy exercises 2 months after the hair transplant surgery.

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