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Donor Area Healing After Hair Transplant

dhi hair transplant post-care

People always think about the hair transplantation area when it comes to undergoing the surgery. They wonder about the time when their transplanted hair follicles start growing when scabs show up and especially when their transplanted hair follicles completely reach their full density. Nobody ever wonders about donor area healing after a hair transplant. What happens to the donor area? Let’s take a look.

The donor area is actually the back of your head where most hair transplant surgeons designate it as the main source of hair follicle extraction. Strong hair follicles are extracted from the back of the head for the hair transplant procedure. The reason why they choose the back of the head as the donor area is about natural appearance and success concerns.

Hair follicles from the back of the head have proven themselves as strong against hair loss types like male pattern baldness. Since they managed to survive from the male pattern baldness attack, doctors think that they will be just fine on the hair loss areas as well.

The donor area generally troubles people with redness, pain, and itching problems. The redness causes a bad appearance on the back of the head and it gets worse in time. The itching problem generally comes after the scabs.

The donor area does not bring you so many troubles, however, if you suffer from agonizing pain, or severe versions of redness, inflammation, swelling or bruising, you should see your doctor and ask for his help. Prescription lotions, creams, and painkillers can be suggested by your doctor. No matter what happens, you should not take drugs without your doctor’s knowledge.

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