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Direct Hair Implant Safety

When it comes to speaking of hair loss, we are sure that almost every balding person counts every hair strands that fall out every day. When the hair loss becomes an obsession among some people, they start thinking of some options that may provide a good hair density on their heads one more time. DHI, short term for direct hair implant is one of the best and the most modern hair transplant procedures in the aesthetic world. It is also considered one of the safest procedures when it comes to talking about safety, before and aftercare and so on. Direct hair implant safety is very important because even the best hair transplant procedures may fail if some qualifications are not met by hair transplant candidates.

Direct hair implant is the most modern hair transplant procedure in the aesthetic world. The implanter instrument allows surgeons to perform the smallest incisions on the scalp which means that it takes less time to recover from hair transplant wounds on the scalp. It also provides the best calculations over the hair transplant procedure. The angles and the depth calculations required for the best ethnicity look can be done with the best accuracy. The most important thing when it comes to speaking of the success rate of a hair transplant procedure is the natural look. A person can keep his ethnicity look on his face thanks to the DHI procedure.

What To Do Before DHI

A DHI procedure requires some qualifications. If you want your DHI procedure to go smoothly, you should quit doing some bad activities like smoking and drinking. We do not think it is necessary to mention how harmful they are to your overall body health, however, they may even cause your hair transplant to fail if you keep doing them.

Especially alcohol is one of the most harmful things that are associated with the success of a hair transplant procedure. Alcohol reduces the water level in your body, which is called ” dehydration “. This is one of the worst things that you may experience before and after a DHI procedure. Your body needs lots of water all the time.

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