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Direct Hair Implant in Istanbul

If you are looking for a good hair transplant job, you should know that the direct hair implant (DHI ) method is the best one in the industry. A standard DHI procedure involves the use of several types of high-end equipment to provide the best natural appearance to the candidates. However, DHI hair transplant is the most expensive hair transplant procedure in the industry and not all the candidates can afford it. This is actually where you start thinking about health tourism. Perhaps, you may have a chance to get a good direct hair implant in Istanbul for the best price.

Hair transplant procedures are maybe the most performed aesthetic procedures in this industry. There are several types of hair transplant methods which can be afforded by every kind of people with different incomes. However, since DHI procedures are quite expensive in western countries like the U.K, the U.S., citizens of these countries wish to get a good DHI hair transplant in a foreign country like Turkey.

Especially it’s unofficial capital Istanbul is the biggest city in Europe and you can witness everything in this big city. You can see the poorest and the richest people in Europe walking in the streets of Istanbul together. Istanbul is also famous for its high-end aesthetic clinics.

Can I Get A DHI in Istanbul?

Sure you can, but you will have to wait a little more because airlines between most western countries have still been under suspension. Since aesthetic clinics in Turkey have lots of visitors from every corner of the world, The Turkish government had to suspend their operations until the second notice.

However, Turkish government has started big normalization progress around the country majority of internal industries are now allowed to operate. Once you’re free to leave to go outside your country and allowed to enter Turkey, you can enjoy the summer discounts for DHI hair transplant procedures in Istanbul.

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