Learn More About Hair Transplantation


If you are a bald person who likes to read stuff on the internet, I’m sure you have some background about common hair transplant methods on the market. DHI, short for direct hair implant and FUE, short for follicular hair transplant is the most common hair transplant methods that are performed in different countries. They are so famous because they are best for providing the best natural results to the candidates. The existing hair follicles on the back of the head are used during these procedures and candidates can enjoy their ethnicity look after the procedures. However, both procedures have differences and we would like to give you some information on DHI vs FUE subject in our post.

We already know that these two procedures are the best natural results givers. However, DHI is considered the most modern hair transplantation procedure and experts claim that DHI provides a more natural look on the candidates. The reason why DHI provides a better ethnicity look is generally associated with the implanter instrument used during the procedures. The implanter device performs the most accurate hits on the scalp and the calculations based on the angle and depth of these hits are also the most accurate. DHI provides the best and the slightest incisions on the scalp which provide a better and faster recovery after the hair transplant procedure.

Should I choose FUE or DHI

During a standard FUE procedure, the surgeon himself performs the incisions and makes the depth and angle calculations on his own. However, not all the incisions can be performed in the same way and can be different depending on the skills of your surgeon. If your surgeon is skillful enough to provide you the ethnicity look you have with his best calculations, then you may not need a DHI procedure and can get an FUE procedure instead.

DHI procedure is more expensive than FUE. It involves some high-end equipment and that is why the prices go a bit high. If you are okay with a longer period of recovery time and have found the best hair transplant surgeon, you can get a FUE if you like.

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