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DHI Hair Transplantation Post-care

dhi hair transplant post-care

The most critical aspect impacting the success of DHI hair transplantation is post-care. Not just in hair transplant operations, but in all cosmetic procedures, post-care procedures are required. The degree of importance will increase, especially when you consider that you spend a lot of money on such transactions. So, what should you do as far as DHI Hair Transplant Post-Care is concerned?

When you consider hair transplant methods such as FUE, FUT, and DHI, you’ll see that they all follow the same rationale and are carried out in comparable ways. Hair follicles from the back of your head are extracted and transplanted to the recipient area where you want to see hair again. They differ from one another, however, in terms of tool use and extraction/planting processes.

Post-Care Procedure Tips

Following are some key points to consider regarding DHI hair transplant post-care. You should speak with your doctor for more information about aftercare procedures. OR You can contact us by filling out the form if you’re thinking about getting a hair transplant DHI.

  • One of the most critical aspects of hair transplant surgery aftercare is to keep the transplanted region moist. But you must ensure that the hair transplant region doesn’t become excessively wet or dry.
  • After hair transplant surgery, keeping swelling to a minimum is a beneficial thing to do. You should sleep at a 45-degree angle for this, especially the first three nights.
  • Limiting your physical activity is an important element of the recovery process. An exertion should be avoided since intense exercise can cause you to sweat, and sweating on your scalp can cause the transplanted hair to shed.
  • Another thing you may do after hair transplant surgery to improve the success rate is applying ice therapy. Within the first 12 hours, you may use ice. It makes you feel wonderful and aids in the reduction of edema.
  • You should wait until your doctor gives you permission to shampoo your hair following surgery. When the moment has come to wash your hair, do it carefully.

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