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DHI For Ethnicity Look

Direct Hair Implantation ( DHI ) is considered the most hair transplantation method these days. Despite the increasing demand on DHI procedures, Follicular Unit Extraction, a similar but less advanced hair transplantation method, has still been the leading hair transplant procedure. Both of these procedures are known for the natural results they give to the hair transplant patients. Most people choose DHI for ethnicity look advantages. Natural results mean that DHI and FUE procedures are quite good at providing patients’ own ethnicity look on their faces.

All people want to look like themselves, for example, an afro American would not want to look like a Chinese just because his hair transplantation did not go so well. It is almost impossible for an afro man to get straight hair like a Chinese man, for sure. However, if his hair follicles are planted according to Chinese model, people will definitely notice that there’s something wrong with his hair.

The number of hair follicles and the number of hair strands for each hair follicle can be different from person to person. That’s why surgeons need to be more careful especially during the hair follicles plantation process. Many candidates suffered from hair transplant jobs which looked so unnatural because of unskilled surgeons, low-end hair transplant equipment, and non or half-eligible patients.

However, things are so different today. Surgeons check their candidates’ medical records for any possible surgery conflict. For example, those who have serious heart conditions should stay away from medical procedures that involve anesthetic administration.

DHI procedures involve the slightest implant shots on the scalp so that it won’t take too much time for you to recover from your hair transplant wounds. Accurate and small microchannels mean faster and better healing. However, DHI procedures can only be performed in high-end aesthetic clinics and hospitals. They are also noted for their high prices.

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