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Buzz Cut After Hair Transplant

Buzzcut has always been a trend among most men but not all the men really enjoy buzz cut hairstyles. However, some men may have to get buzz hair cut after hair transplant because of several reasons. For example, most hair transplant surgeons prefer full-shave hair transplantation procedures because they’re more comfortable to carry out.

Similarly, men who are not okay with long hair may want to get a buzz hair but after their hair transplantation procedure. However, they may need to wait a little longer for that. It can be very dangerous for hair transplantation patients to get a haircut during their hair transplant recovery.

All hair transplant patients should wait for sometime before getting a hair cut. Hair transplant patients will have scabs on their recipient and donor areas after some time. These scabs mean that their wounds are healing. Once the scabs’ job is done, they will start falling out.

It for your own best to wait for all of your scabs to fall out before getting a buzz hair cut. Your scalp may still be fragile for such an action and you would not want to suffer from a type of complications just because you’re too impatient.

A hair transplantation job requires patience. You should follow your surgeon’s instructions to pass your recovery time without any trouble. It has happened in the past that some hair transplantation patients suffered from severe infections just because they scratched their scalp and hair follicles with their hands.

In addition to this, force-touching and pulling your hair follicles may result in severe complications like swelling. You should always keep your scalp clean and comfortable. Haircut machine razors may cause little cuts on your scalp, rather on your micro channels in which hair follicles are planted. That’s why you need to wait for at least a month to get a buzz hair cut.

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